Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I've decided I AM a snob!

A fabric snob that is!

Let me start by saying I think someone peed in my Cheerios this morning and man am I ever in a snippy mood! Do you ever just have one of those days??

I bound this monster
I have a guild meeting tonight so I am rushing to get my charity items finished. Guild does charity tie quilts and because I am at work on Thursdays They allow me to take quilts home and work on them and bring them back! You can take them at all different stages of completion. I am not a huge fan of the whole tie process, but I LOVE to bind and do at least two a month. This month I decided to take home a pizza box. That is pre cut squares all ready to be sewn together with instructions on how to. They are VERY simple quilts... here lies part of my problem. I do like a challenge. I want to have to think just a little while I am doing something or I get bored with it and it just kind of sits there! PLUS (and here comes the snob part) the fabric I was working with was... sorry no nice way to say it YUCKY!! it felt gross it smells like old fabric and every time I hit it with my iron it makes the room smell funny. Now I do love to help out! I feel it is every one's place to help with what they can. I don't have a lot of money, I don't really have extra fabric to donate, but my time and what little thread I use are cheap and easy to donate.
OK thanks for letting me vent! LOL I have two more sashing strips to sew on and to press the top! My binding (that quilt is 85x65) is D O N E!! Meeting tonight and they are out of my hands!!
I pieced this (I did press it, too)

I tell you for some reason I wrote this on Tuesday and posted it... Well it did not post! So this was all written Tuesday and My meeting was FABULOUS!! Kaye England!! I will have pics!! But I will wait till Thursday so as not to bombard you! LOL
Have a great day all!
Josie :o)
Oh, I leave you with my favorite sight... a kiddo under her quilt! I do not normally share the bonus kids on here, but It is the back of her head!! Anonymity is preserved!!

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