Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Children and family Museum

So, Honeyman was off over the weekend and since it was to cold to camp BOO he said he had seen a new exhibit at the local Children's Museum! Our kids are getting just about to the point they are to old for this museum. But we are trying to keep them little for a minute anyway!! Here in the Quad Cities we have several bridges that span the Mississippi River. Each is unique and beautiful in its own way! The exhibit had bridges you could walk over,

My Big kid!!

Boat Races
It had a huge water table to play in (guess who had the most fun with that???)

 Honeyman stood at the whirlpool thingy for the longest time trying to get it to the top of the tube! I love that man!! The kids raced the boats (and ducks) down the water!!

Card Table!! HA!!
Honeyman and the Boy worked together to try to pick up pieces and build a bridge together! Turns out it was a three man operation! One was in charge of up and down, one had left to right and the Girl came and hooked the block into the hole! They worked well together and I had a ball just watching them!!
Honeyman and the Boy sat down to play a game of checkers! Let me tell you Honeyman takes no prisoners when it comes to Chess and Checkers!

Have fun with you family!! They are a blessing!
Josie :o)
Meeting of the minds

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