Monday, October 15, 2012

I've been striping...

Well first things first!! I was supposed to get on last Saturday and write about my epic fails!! ummm Here in lovely Illinois/Iowa area Media Com Internet was down ALL DAY son Saturday! No joke! We were all chillin I was sewing (and watching NetFlix), Honeyman was playing his on-line game, and my Son was in the other room also watching NetFlix and then all the sudden nothing!! It was down for the count! OK let me quit my whining, because I still sewed all day long!
So, I really have been working on a few things! Let me show you....

Flannel tie charity blanket for my quilt guild. I cannot take credit for the piecing only the binding, but man I love this one! And the flannel was so darn soft and amazing to work with!!
Row 1
 I have been stripping rowing!!! LOL I just hate Love when someone sucks me into another QAL! Wee this one is over at Bee in My Bonnet and when I saw the first two rows I just had to join in! GGRRR darn it all to heck!! LOL   She has a new row each Wed. I came in a little late, but have now caught up. I did make a small adjustment... See I have lots of 4 inch squares and the apples called for 4 1/2 inch squares. I used the 4 inch and added an extra apple into the row! Y'all  know me! I cannot follow ANY rules! Darn I'm a rule breaker! But I do LOVE how fun this is! I have More to show you that I am working on... but I will keep you guessing and hope that I get a little better at chatting with you again!
Half of row 4
Other half of row 4
Half of row 2
Other half of row 2

Row 3
Come Strip Row with me won't you,
Josie :o)


  1. Love the strips! Sounds like you are getting in a lt of sewing time.

  2. Cute rows! won a giveaway on my blog...please send me your mailing info!

    Sherri at A Quilting Life

  3. your rows look great, you caught up quickly

  4. I'm getting caught up and am only just now starting to see these rows everyone is doing... so cute!!! I need to get to finishing some stuff so I can start some new projects!

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