Friday, October 26, 2012

Miss Ella Grace's Qulit

Ella's Quilt
OK, so I did get this one done the other day, but I have had a nasty head cold and really felt like doing nothing! Couple that with the new addition to our house this week and you have one worn out crazy Mama!! Just sayin! So, I know I have mentioned before that I watch some of my friends children. My dear Amanda spawned 11 weeks ago! I hold myself personally responsible for the conception!! LOL and she agrees with me! OK, I have to back that up for a moment! She and her Husband were trying to get pregnant! I hosted one of my crazy Mama Girls nights and delivered her... very happy and Baby Oscar-Daisy was the result! She decided NOT to know what she was going to have so her daughter Ella Grace (who is now 4) and I named the yet unborn baby Oscar-Daisy! And that is what we called 'it' all throughout her pregnancy! Anyway! Luke Joseph was born into this world and he has begun to come to my house with Miss Ella Grace!! They are just the nicest people you will ever meet and I am very blessed to know them!! Now I am getting very sidetracked and I apologize!

Pink for the back!
Onto the quilt! LOL Ella LOVES purple! (and a little pink she says!) So, I decided to give her purple! She made a trip with me one day to the fabric store and I let her pick out the back fabric! That was all her with NO direction from me! I did have to attach the label so I have not given it to her, but she has petted it all week as I have been binding it with brother laying under it and she says "oh, Mama Jo I just love my quilt so!"  She knows how to butter me up for sure!! I am so very proud of myself! Oh, wait I forgot to say this is the second project in SMQ! This quilt is a twin sized and I did FMQ all over it! ME, all by myself! on a TWIN!! man were my arms ever tired after mustering this beast though my little machine! How in the name of heckfire do y'all do it?? I even free motioned Ella Grace into the spine of the quilt! I have to say the pics were taken on an overcast day and really don't do the purple any justice! AND the wind was blowing so we fought with that! I was just glad Honeyman was home to hold it up! LOL

I FMQ Ella Grace!!
I also have to admit this is one money saving gal here! I just have to tell you that form the start! The a sheet I bought from the salvation army for $1!! I do have to say you really have to look them over, but this one was in great shape and it felt so nice and soft and thick! I love it and where in the world can you get that much fabric for that little a price?? The rest of the fabrics are just left overs from other projects I have done, And right off hand the only ones I can tell you are the deep teal are from Lil Miss (and I think the orange strip is too) some kind of Kimono collection that MAN I fell in love with those bright teals and REALLY wish I had gotten more because I think I only have a small 2 1/2 inch strip left!
I think I will run for now! Have a productive day!
Josie :o)


  1. It looks great!
    And good for you doing all the quilting on your home machine. It is totally doable. You may have had quite the workout because you used a sheet for the purple. Not a bad thing, but the tight weave of sheets would make the FMQ more challenging.