Thursday, October 18, 2012

Trip to Galena

The day started like this!

I had never been before!! Galena is about an hours and a half away and over the weekend our dear friends KayCee and Ryan (who is a fellow fireman) asked if we would like to day trip with them! A call to Granny Kim to see if this was the day she wanted to make Halloween stuff with the kids... and we were off!! (oh, I forgot to mention, if you come to Illinois the roads are no longer safe! The Brat got her license two weeks ago! AAHHHh If my hair was not already grey!!)
The day started off a little dreary!!

My yummy lunch!

We ate at lunch soon after we got in town! Well after a quick run through one of the wine tasting rooms!! Vinny Vanucchi's! Very yummy and oh, so cute!

I know it is hard to tell in the stone walk pic, but that thing goes straight up and it is ROUGH!! We did not walk on this ! LOL really you don't there are stairs on either side! But I thought it was cool!

 I did walk through a 'fabric shop' called Phat 1/4. It was cute, but it seemed more like a Bernina sales shop than a fabric shop and nothing really jumped out at me so I walked out empty handed :o(

We played a little shuffle board at the end of the strip!
What would a trip be without a tin celing?? I just love them! Man people look at you like you are NUTZ when you are trying to get a good photo of the celing! But... do you know how many people start to take note of it when you are trying to get a pic! It makes me laugh!! LOL
Ryan, Kaycee, Me, & Honeyman

I think we must have been under a blue light or something! All the pics I took we turned out blue! My friend Kathie dubed us the Blue Man Group! LOL

On a very serious note NEVER walk into a cheese store and say 'Man it smells like Anis in here'! Because the cheese monger will NOT like that! But it DID! It DID smell like anis! He very sternly said 'It's pronounced anEEs!!' Seems they had gotten a tea in with anis in it and man I tell you that is all you could smell in the whole shop! Poor KayCee was laughing so hard she had to go out of the store! At any rate, I am not a fan of that smell or the taste, so ... the only greatful thing that came from the cheese store was this very cool quilt they had hanging on the wall!!

close up

 When we got home it was still fairly early! Only 8 and we all decided that we were having WAY to much fun and it had been to long since the four of us had been out together! SO! We went Karaokeing! And closed down the bar! It has been a day or two since that has happened! But we all had a great time and KayCee already said we can't wait that long to do it again! 
Have a great day all! Go have fun with a friend! Plan something! Do something! Me... I am gonna try to get some stitchin done!
Thanks for visiting!
Josie :o)

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