Friday, October 26, 2012

Do you ever check your stats??

I really don't! I just do this to kind of keep myself saine, and to chat with amazing people. I am not out to realize my demographic or enlarge my audience! If you want to visit me come and check me out, if you don't want to well there are some pretty amazing people out here! So, I hope you are checking them out! LOL So, I have been reading my blogs on my Kindle Fire (love that I can do that because we are down to just the laptop and it seems to be in use at ALL times) so I am very rarely on the actual blogger interface! This is also the reason for my lack of blogging lately! I cannot for the life of me figure out how to post a blog from either my Kindle or my Smart(er than me) phone!
Crazyness! 1/2 inch
Anywhoo!! I popped on the computer and all the sudden from my home page realized my life time page views were up to 10,000! I said holy crap!! Well, come to find out my little blog that might get 15 hits to a post (unless I am on a blog hop) had over 1,000 hits on my Brother post!!! It seems that EVERYONE was looking up price for that bugger!

Charity tie quilt
Can I tell you, however, am kind of disheartened right now. The guy from my sewing center said he would call me. He took down my name and number... It is now the end of October and I have not yet gotten a call! I did talk to a dealer about a Babylock (which of course is like a sister to a Brother,  ha I crack myself up!!) He did say that the two machines were VERY similar! Plus, I have to say the Babylock is NOT blue! Man I hate blue! LOL SO, now I have to decide if I want to look into the Brother V or the Babylock Crescendo! I know I have spoken with a few people and it also comes down to... you not only buy the machine, but you also buy into the dealer! Well, the Brother dealer is right here in town! Less than 10 minutes from my house, but he has not bothered to call me back. Maybe he has not gotten any in?? I don't know! On the other hand the Babylock dealer is about 45 minutes away and has been VERY good to our guild! They DONATED a machine to raffle off at our show! They were so very kind to me and let me play on their machines at the show, they did NOT have a Crescendo at the show, and said when I was interested to come and check them out and they would be glad to help! So, I am up in the air! To be honest it will have to wait till the beginning of the year, but I would love to check them BOTH out and get a little clearer on the subject!

My Lillian this year at the Quad Cities Marathon
I have nothing else to say I just wanted to throw that out to all of you and see what bounced back!
I do hope y'all are staying warm! After 3 days above 75 the temps have dropped to 35 this morning and only supposed to get to 42 and windy today!

I am stripping rowing again today wish me luck they are... you guessed it Flying F#%*$*G Geese!!
Happy Stitchin!
Josie :o)


  1. go for the one with the better service, it sounds like they are more helpful and dependable

  2. Really tough choice but try them both out first before you decide. If you don't you'll always wonder. I know they are almost the same and the slight differences, whatever they are, might sway your decision. I have 2 Brothers and unfortunately there are no Baby Lock dealers anywhere nearby so they weren't ever a consideration. Good luck.

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