Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Leafs Me Happy day 2

Welcome! Lets hop
Tuesday 2
I also want to leave you with a few more pics from our guild! There was a challenge to make an art hanging using a marble 'water' fabric and it had to be inspired by the Mississippi landscape!! I do not have the individuals names for each of these, but they are my favorite out of the bunch (and there were 50 or so of them!! I think that the two with the bridges are my favorite! Here in the Quad Cities we have three very different bridges that cross between Iowa and Illinois. They are all very visually stunning (even if they are sadly in need of repair or replace!!)
 I love all of the different activities that take place on the river!! Fishing, we camp at some VERY lovely campgrounds on the river, and OH the fire work displays every year! I think that the sparkle over the water is just so spectacular!!
The last one in this bunch has so much texture! She used the 'water' fabric and scrunched it up! It was all I could do not to touch it!! (Truth be told when I was on white glove duty I did touch it... but it is just not the same!!)
Oh it really was a great show! And tonight at guild all of the winners are going to bring in their quilts and talk about them! I can't wait!!!
I hope y'all have a lovely day (it is supposed to be almost 80 here!!!)


  1. thank you Josie! Your landscape shares are very pretty!!