Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One small Basket!

Show of hands how many of you have purchased Sunday Morning Quilts?? ME!! ME!! I HAVE I HAVE!!  I follow both Cheryl and Amanda Jean's blogs! I love the projects that they share and they also share so much of themselves with us! I do hope someday to get to go to a signing and get my book well, signed! LOL
One side
The other side
OK, so here's the thing! Where do you even start with a book that you love EVERY pattern in?? Well I guess you start at the beginning! If you do NOT have this book I tell you it is all about using what you have, which for a newer quilter like me is kind of, well, trying! They talk about how to separate your scraps and how to organize them! The very first pattern in the book is the Quilted Storage box! Now I WILL make more of these, as I have more scraps to make them! A while back I did a charm swap and my colour was yellow! So, I had PLENTY of yellow scraps! I followed the slab instructions and made the box! I will say the one thing I did differently was to use a basic muslin on the inside because #1 I have a whole bolt of it #2 If I lined it in yellow all of my beautiful yellow scraps would just kind of disappear! I also do not have any fusible interfacing so I skipped that! The only thing I would change... I like the little 'lip' of muslin that is brought to the outside of the box and the pattern does not call for it this was. Therefore my inside is just a little short! Shhh don't peak inside! Next one I make I will add 1/2 inch to the height to accommodate for this! Again this is only my personal preference! But, I love making the scrap basket and I WILL make more! (as I get the scraps to make them! LOL

I currently have half of my quilt bound! Wait, what quilt?? Silly, I said I love like EVERY pattern in this book! So, The next pattern is Daydreams! Stay tuned! I do hope to have it fully bound tonight so I can throw it in the wash! I'll be back then!
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