Monday, October 29, 2012

Rowing Along

Love a pile of scraps! Says something is happening!
OK, so I will acquiesce that it is Rowing and NOT Stripping! LOL I got row 5 done! Flying Geese! Angry little critters that they are! They were only 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch geese!! But now I have to wait two more weeks til the next row! Somehow I thought that it was every week!  I need another block a day challenge I tend to loose my ~~~~ Oh look at the pretty shiny objects over there! LOL FOCUS!!!

Row 5

I would love to say tonight I am working on something quilty! Or even stitchy related! But I will be hanging with a dear friend of mine. My friend's marriage is not going so well. Without going into detail I just ask my friends to pray that they both find the light to guide them out of the darkness they are in! A family hangs in the balance.

Tonight I will work on getting to know a little more about Project Twelve! And sharing it with my friend! 
Unless my kids decide they DON'T want to watch TV and then maybe we will chat on the couch and I can do some binding on a guild charity quilt I am working on!


I pray for my friends on the East coast and hope that Sandy is not as strong as they have predicted!

Where ever you are tonight I do so hope all is well in your little piece of heaven!

Josie :o)

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