Thursday, May 26, 2011


So, on these next two blocks i think I kind of blew it! I have been very careful when I pick out my colours! This one I picked out as a pink and the more I was working on it the more I found it to be either a blue or even an orange!!! It does have big pink flowers and I guess I was going to chop into it to grab out the pibkj, but the more I get working on this the harder I find it to chop the bejeebers out of a good piece of material!! A quilter I guess I am not and my mother's daughter I am!! I like the square, just do not think it matches the colour I was going for!! Oh, and i was going to make the eight 'tear drops' and then went for the hearts instead! hells bells!! LOL
Another easy applique!
Pieces: 777

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