Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sad but true

So today is kind of one of those days. It is my oldest daughters 16th birthday.
She loves to take pics!

She and I had a falling out and we do not speak. We live in the same house and live very seperate lives. It is one of those days that just wants to rip my heart out. I was very close to my Mother and never did (until now) understand how a Mother and a Daughter could not speak to each other. My Husband is very understanding and he takes on the responsibility of her.
Now my friends find it very hard to imagine me not speaking to my own daugther. I like to play the hard role, but I am the one who tries to keep my friends in good spirits. Whenever someone is in a difficult way they call up Mama Jo and I always have advice for them! Or I have an ear to bend, or I have a shoulder to cry on. They all say that this is very out of character for me.
Truth be told it was her decision. She was in the hospital a while back and said that she did not want me there. I am not one to intrude where I am not wanted. So I walked home. 5 1/2 miles in the middle of the winter. We have never been that close and she and her Father are very much alike.
I cry over this, but know that right now there is nothing I can do to fix the situation. So I have done as she has. I opted out.
Kaelynn in her Prom dress
So, today to the quite of this blog I say happy birthday to my beautiful, intelligent, strong, and vibrant daughter.
All my love,

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  1. My heart goes out to you. How hard this must be. Have you thought about counseling? One of our daughters was quite the handful, and a good counselor saved us! One of my greatest joys is the friendships of my three adult daughters. I will keep you in my prayers.