Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Brother V Series on my wish list!!

So, today I was going through my e-mails (I have been MIA for a few days issues and all) and there it was.... the new Brother!!! Have you seen it yet?? I have to say the first video for it is kind of cheesy! I was like what, what?? OK so if you go here you can click on the link to see the videos! I am geeking out!! What am I fly over?? The 11.25 inch throat!! AAAHHHH! I am working on a little Brother! Mine has only 5 inches and I muscle my quilts through that! (note they have updated the videos and they are a little clearer now)

DreamWeaver Quilting/Sewing Machine
 I called my local dealer and asked for more info on it because there is not much given. Tim said he worked with one at the convention and it sewed like a dream, was there a pun intended there?? They are calling it the 'DreamWeaver' maybe I was in such a hurry I didn't realize he said that until just now!! LOL He has some on order but was unable to give an exact date on when they would be in. Is this normal?? Most things have a launch date and you KNOW when they are going to be out. I am new to the whole sewing machine world so I am just not sure! He did say probably late September.

DreamMaker Embroidery Machine
Out of curiosity I also asked about pricing (which of course you cannot find ANYWHERE in all the advertising! Now he could only give me a ball park and I only asked about two of the three machines! He said the combo machine (DreamWeaver XE) would be around the 6,000-6,500 price point and the DreamWeaver (quilting/sewing only) around 3,500-4,200. I did not think that was bad. Am I wrong there??  Again I am pretty new and this is the first time I have looked at a little 'fancier' machine than what I have. It is kind of like buying a car I think! Ford is going to tell you why theirs is the best... Honda will do the same, as will Chevy! And really they all have their strengths right?? LOL I don't know! I just wanted to throw this all out there and see what y'all think! What kind of a machine are you quilting on?? Did you test drive it first?? Is it a fancy guy??
DreamWeaver XE Combo Machine
Ok I am off to dream about sewing on this machine! I WANT IT!! LOL

All of the pics here are NOT mine they are from the Brother website.


  1. I saw the announcement the other day and started dreaming too, of the sewing/quilting one. I'm not inot embroidery at all. If it weren't for the fact that I just got my new Brother Laura Ashley machine in May,I would be seriously looking at one of these.

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  3. Yikes! Why won't they give us a clue as to the price? Some of us may need time to figure out the budget! This machine does seem like a dream. 11.25 inches? sigh. I have the Janome 6500 with nine inches to the right of the needle. But (Bubba) is getting up there in years, not to mention the many many miles I've sewn on him. Unless the price is right I'm not ready to abandon him yet.
    Those new features sure do tempt us tho....

  4. Hi Josie,
    Along with sewing, quilting and machine embroidery, I collect vintage sewing machines. Besides harp space, there are other factors to consider. I free motion quilt on my Pfaff Creative 2 (9.5 inch harp space), as well as my Bernina 930 Record (7.5 inch harp), a Singer 15-91 (7 inch harp), a Husqvarna 555 (7 inch harp) and a Singer 15-89 treadle (7 inch harp). All of these machines are excellent quilting machines. The Pfaff Creative 2 has the largest harp, it is ideal for quilting queen size quilts, I'm sure it would have no trouble handling a king size quilt. It was difficult to maneuver a queen size quilt on the Husqvarna with the 7 inch harp. If you want a machine for quilting and straight stitching only check out the Juki tl20100 Q it has an 8.5 inch harp space. If you want a machine that does everything including embroidery, the Brother you are looking at sounds fantastic. Sewing machine shopping is tons of fun, enjoy the process and test drive them all.