Thursday, August 9, 2012

Still no computer and Not smart enough for my Phone! LOL

So The power supply came in for our computer. It works but for some reason I am unable to get the monitor to work now. I just don't get it! I got a new cell phone! It is smart and .. well I am not! LOL I cannot for the life of me figure out how to write a post and make it work! I get a publish failed every time! I did however figure out how to get my postings onto Flickr! YAY! So once again I can let the ladies in my swaps know what I am sending them!

Photo Aug Beejeebers block
 The full photo of this block has the black hand of death upon it so I can't seem to get it on here! LOL She was lucky I did not keep this one for myself! That skull is an Alexander Henry print called Bandanna and can I tell you it is SO me!!
Aug Comfort Quilts

 For Aug Comfort quilts she wanted bright fun colours on an off white background. (it really is off white, you can tell when it is against my Kona white! LOL)
Margaret wanted a basic Churn Dash For hers in my Bee Creative! Blue (once again we will laugh about the amount of blue in my stash!)

Cups at the Dirty Docs!
OK This next photo is NOT something I made! We all have to laugh! So a month ago I went to the 'girlie Doc' (OBGYN) anyway! In the exam room I found this BEAUTIFUL cup wall hanging! Well after talking with my Doc (who is very cool!) I found out that her Mother quilts and made one for each of the rooms! OK this makes me want another apt! Am I right!! I thought it would be rude to just ask to walk into each of the exam room and take pics! LOL SO!! I will have to be sure to remember to take another pic next time!

Well I know the pics are not the greatest! But hey! I am able to get them on here! Now i hope I can remember what I did! HAHA I have LOTS of pics on my camera including the pics of the quilts I made for my cousins! Wait did I tell you about that??? Stay tuned and I will next time!!

Till then, Happy stitching! Have a great day!!
Josie :o)

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