Monday, August 13, 2012

Tug Fest time again

This weekend I was going to work on two baby quilts... that did not happen!! Here is why...

Do y'all remember my post last year about the Tug Fest?? Well it was time for the Tug again this year! Friday night was fireworks!!  I have to tell you I was so very disappointed this year! I always say that the fireworks are the best in the Quad Cities!! They last a half hour... this year they lasted fifteen minutes. Now I am not saying they were bad, they just were not what the Tug fireworks used to be! I mean, it used to be a rumble over the river! Iowa and Illinois battled it out with their fireworks! It is no longer that way. Plus for the first time ever they charged you to get down to the Tug area! OK it was only $3 a person, (plus $2 for a wristband if you wanted to drink) but it had always been 'donations'. Yes, we always tossed money into the bucket, but it sure does not encourage you to come back for a second day! I do hope the video link works. I have never tried a video before! This is the finale! Well most of it! took me a second or three to grab my phone and think about taking the video!!
Kaycee, Ryan, and I
My oldest and dearest friend in the whole world (whom I have spoken about before) Becky, came in town. Honeyman and I went out with her! She lives two hours away and I do miss seeing her! I also got to see one of her boys (she has 16 year old twin boys) can I tell you they get taller every time I see them!! They are 6"5'!!! We karaoked and hit a birthday party! Then Bec crashed on my couch!!
I spent the majority of the morning drinking coffee and chatting with Bec! (Till almost 2 in the afternoon!!) Honeyman was on shift and there was a wedding of one of his fellow firemen. So, I called upon my faithful hubby #2, did I get your attention there?? LOL My friend Kaycee and I are both fire wives. our husbands are on different shifts... we each call the others husband our second husband because if we need anything on our mans shift day (they work 24 hour shifts)... We all laughed when I got to their house because we looked as if we had planned our coordinating outfits! It was not the case! Just a happy accident! Ryan was such a lucky guy to have these two hotties on his arm! Well most of the night anyway, Honeyman was able to pop in for about 20 minutes! They drove the truck up to the reception! I love their close nit fire station!! And all of the fellow firemen are always so very wonderful and welcoming!!
So... I have a baby shower for one of the fire wives this Saturday! I have one week to get her quilt done! (Nope I have NOT started it!!) And I don't think I mentioned one of my mommies (of the kids I watch) had her baby!! Luke Joseph! She did NOT know what she was going to have and we called the baby 'OscarDaisy' while she was pregnant!!
I have taken plenty of your time! I need to go so I can decide what I am going to make these two little guys!!
Happy stitching!!
Josie :o)

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  1. What a wonderful photo of all of you and it sounds like you had a great time! We talked about going to the Tug Fest but didn't make it and it sounds like we didn't miss much.