Monday, August 20, 2012

Winner of the stash and Why I was late...

Forgot to cut...
Can I say a great be SO SORRY! I Know this post was to be out on Saturday morning! BUT!!! Last week was my mad dash to get a baby gift done! Now if it could go wrong IT DID!! I was following Kiera's 'Following the Leader' pattern (kind of because we all know I just do my own thing anyway). First you need 108 Flying F#&*(%G Geese. I chose to make them in the groups of four, you know less waste and all. I have done this before, I know how to do it... and yet I still sewed all for of them little booger squares on and then realized I had skipped a step!! YUP!! 108 all done WRONG!! You know what that means! I spent five hours 'unsewin'!! I got them all undone, cut , and oops cut through two of my small squares that were hidden away under the big square, thank goodness I had plenty of material!! I got it bound on Thursday night, Most of the quilting done on Friday, sewed the extra batting to the back on the last four rounds of quilting (oops!!!) spent PLENTY of time trying to remove the batting!! BUT!! I sat down and bound it Saturday while watching 'Rocky II, III, IV, & V (Very appropriate because it is one of the Daddy's fave, and he is a big Italian guy who kinda sounds like Rocky!!!)  Yesterday I delivered to Mommy and she was VERY pleased!!

Following The Leader!
I love a pieced back and I found Flames VERY appropriate for the fellow Fireman! (If you missed the prior post this was a baby gift for a fellow fire wife who is due in six weeks) And if y'all don't know it I am a sucker for a red binding!! So!!! YAY!! Done and delivered and yesterday was spent sitting around with 11 other fire wives and eating and a few bottles of wine and LOTS of advice!! :o) And we all get to do it again soon one of the wives in attendance is due in late October!!
The Back
With out further ado I should get to why I KNOW all of you are here!! I need to pass along the stash!! I did use Mr. Random Number Generator however I cannot get it to post on here with the number on here (if someone wants to tell me how to do that I would LOVE to know!!) Anywhoooo the winner is #6!!  She said :
I would love a chance to add some quilty goodness to this box!

Congrats Wendy! Pop me over your information and I would love to get this box to you!!
Everyone else have a great day and begin to stalk Wendy for your chance to win the box next!! :o)