Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sometimes I forget...

That I had something to tell you and then I get so busy and I just forget! Well I don't know if you remember, but a while back (in July) I said I would be MIA for the two weeks! Well if  didn't say it I meant to say it! LOL Here is how the story goes!
I even made bags! LOL
When we got home from our vacation in Wisconsin there was a baby shower invite! It was for THREE of my cousins (well Second cousins or something but to me they are all just cousins)! My Cousin Ruth Ann's Daughter Courtney and DIL Whitney are due in Sept and Oct and another cousin Megan is due in Oct as well (these are three of my Aunt Rita's Grandchildren)! So they decided to have one big shower for all three!!! As it turns out plans fell through for my cousin Megan who lives in California, however through the advancement of technology we Skyped her in!! LOL How awesome is that!! But I digress!! I had TWO WEEKS to get three quilts done!!! UUmmmm let us all recap! I have pieced SEVERAL quilts... I had (prior to this) NEVER quilted a whole quilt!!! But I was gonna do it! that is all there was to it!! I decided to go with the same pattern for all three! One is having a girl, one a boy, and the other chooses not to know!! So I did different colours!! I pieced! I basted! And I QUILTED!! Yay me!! And then I bound! wow that was a LOT of binding (I even sat through a visitation and funeral while binding! But I know Audrey would have smiled to see me doing that!)
 When they opened them they were all very happy! (the girl standing up is another cousin Ginny, standing in for our Skyped in Mommy! LOL) (and I was relieved!) The backs of the quilts have a pinwheel from each of the other ones quilts! So this new generation will be bonded as well!! I can not wait to see these new little ones!! Let the babies begin!!
That's my story and I'm stickin to it!

Boy, Girl, and Baby Jost!! LOL


  1. Oh, I love those quilt. Lucky cousins. You did a great job!

  2. i love those- so awesome and i love how you did the back. i love the look of pregnant misery in one of the pics LOL

  3. Beautiful quilts, they are wonderful gifts!