Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Bee Blocks

Done with all of my September Bee Blocks (YAY) So,  this month everyone asked for fun bright colours! I have to say thanks! I did go out and of course do a little adding to my every growing stash!!

Bee Creative 2012:   Block for Erin She wanted Grey, orange, blue, and cream (it really is off white not white! I promise) Love how quickly these blocks went together! Toughest part was choosing what fabrics to use! Because I LOVE all of them! :o)

Comfort Quilts was another Postage stamp! (I forgot to take pics of last months postage stamp out of 2 inch squares for We Bee Learning OOPS) These were 2 1/2 inch and she wanted fun bright colours! I have to say I am sorry, I do not have 100 fabrics in my stash (yet) so I used 50 fabrics and duplicated each of them! I hope it will still be great!

We Bee Learning Was Arrows in fun bright colours! I am in LOVE with this purple! I think I used it in three of my blocks this month! LOL And the crazy bright make yours eyes go crazy orange... I used that in all four of my swaps! I just love how it pops out and gives the square movement!!

So I made a mistake!! (Imagine that! bwahahaha) For my last swap, Beejeebers, she asked for a strippey rainbow star blockey guy (what name would you call this block???) anywhoo can I tell you how much I LOVE this block!! Really, if she had not just had us do this one I might think real hard about using it for my turn (next month) but my son gave his orders and he wants, wait that is for next month... OK so when I was putting this block together I had written on each square where to put the colours... I did it 100% back-ass-wards!!! But hey, that means i get a block out of the deal, too right! LOL

WRONG counterclockwise!!! OOPS
Correct clockwise rainbow

I guess if you are going to mess up on something make it something you really like! Now I have to decide what I am going to do with this orphan!! I thought about a pillow, but I also thought I might like a whole quilt out of it! But man I really don't have that many fabrics and it would kind of get repetitive! Maybe I will keep it in the back of my mind and another Bee down the road I will request it!! ; o D Ladies your blocks will be in the mail by Friday!!
OK all, I am off! I have LOTS of stuff to get done! The fall blog hop is umm getting ever so much closer every day!! YAY I love fall!!
Josie :o)

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