Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kaye England came to see us!

Can I tell you she is a hoot! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her zany sense of humor! The llama story... priceless!! And her Aunt Jelou... Come on I can see it!!


I only took pics of some of the AMAZING quilts she brought! I could have stared at them for HOURS!! Now, I do NOT have the names for most of  these beauties and for that I apologize! I am just going to bombard you with photo after photo after photo and if you have never seen them up close... please try to make it somewhere she is!!
I didn't get to ask her but how flustered would a long armer bee if you took them a quilt and said in each of these blocks I need the name of a state and a year!  Well, to be honest hers probably not so much because I imagine she keeps her in business! :o) a great relationship with your long armer! You be good to them!!  I loved this one even before I saw it up close and knew the story! Probably my favorite!
I do believe that this one is clam shell, because I looked at the pattern to purchase!
Can you guess how small these baskets were! Now I didn't measure them, but I think they were close to a 3 inch square!! Holy moses!!
I love this variation of a postage stamp! I might have to think long and hard about this one!
And there were SO many more quilts! (sorry about the pics, they are from my phone!) I so very much enjoyed having her come visit our guild! I keep saying one of these times when we get a guest I am GOING to do the workshops! But alas it has not yet worked out for me! NEXT TIME! LOL

I hope some of these inspired you like they have me! In the mean time Bee in my Bonnet has row 6 up! I am off to work on some Coffee Cups! More on that ... I'm gonna shoot for Friday!!
Have fun Stitchin!
Josie :o)

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