Sunday, December 4, 2011

I found it, I found it!!!

OK so remember the material I bougth to make my Honeyman a quilt...

Well I was going to do the Studly & the Mrs.  quilt along. I went out and bought all of this fabric, which I know can end up going mor little boy and not scream Man... but aren't our men just our little boys anyway! hehe  Well the more I looked at the material and the pattern the more I didn't like the two of them together! There ws just no showcasing the material in the scrappy quilt! (plus if we are being honest I dont' know if I would ever be able to geth through those 7 bajillion flying geese!! However maybe I might have mastered them if I had attempted...)
Well yesterday I was surfing around on youtube and
 looking at instructional stuff and I found it I found the perfect pattern to show off materials... and to make it even better, it is an uber simple and way for a beginner quilt! They are 10 minute blocks! OK to everyone else this may not be a new thing and I am sure this is kind of cheating, but remember I am still very new! I did think that this very big and simple block would be a great way to try out some quilting patterns! I am waffeling with the idea of going and getting the other print material that the store had (it had blues in it as well) and then grabbing some blue to go with all of this red, orange, and yellow!! What do you think?? I cannot wait to cut into this wonderful
Robert Kaufman material and I do think that this pattern will showcase it beautifully!!
I think it will be my Monday morning task! But my Honeyman is off this off this week, so I might just spend a little time with him!! hehe
Hope the days till Christmas go by a little slower so I can get a few things done!!
Have a great Sunday everyone!!


  1. Sounds like a great idea, your Honeyman is going to love it!

  2. I just love your fabrics! Those 10 minute blocks look like they'll work great.

  3. I love your fabrics and don't know if I would add blue. Josie, make one of those 10 minute blocks out of some scrap fabrics and see if you like them before cutting into your good stuff.