Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas to all and to all a not-as-busy-as-mine night

Happy Christmas all! Many plans today!! Oh, it is going to be a busy one!! So here's how my day is going to go... I currently have bread rising and plan to take some to both of our Chirstmas plans! I have yet to go buy cheese and crackers for the plate that is ALWAYS my responsibility to take to Aunt Rita's house, better get on that! I have to somehow make it to my MIL's Mom's house and then make it back here where somehow MAGICALLY Santa will have visited while we were gone... OK does this all make sence! Not to me either! Background... Honeyman is working today from 7 this morning till 7:30 tonight. He has to work at the station on Christmas day (that is a 24 hr shift starting at 7 am) so if he is to open gifts with us it has to be at about 8 tonight!! This will be a smash of get there, eat, open, leave! do it all over again!! whoosh!! LOL This also gets a little tricky because my Lillian is not a late night owl and is normally in bed at 8! She tires very easily and begins to drift off. So I think this is going to be the schedule for the day. Bread should be ready by noon, I will go grab teh cheese and get it cut while it is in the oven (the Brat can take it out) Grandma Shirley's 2-4, Aunt Rita's 5-7:43 , she talks a lot so I have to allown myself a little extra time to get out of her house LOL. Honeyman will play Santa at the house and we will arrive here, I only live five minutes from Rita, and open very fast and off to bed kids! WOW! Then Christmas Morning... nothing! I get to sleep in, not that I know how to do that, but I like the idea of saying it! LOL
Was that one great big run on sentence or what! hehe I am not a great writer and have a tenancy of going on and on and that is how I talk, too! So
OK to sign off! A Very Merry Christmas and safe travels if you have to! Bless your family and friends in this wonderful season!

2008 my little Santa boy

Christmas at Rita's 2008
I couldn't leave without a pic of Christmas's past! My Lillian and Darien Christmas 2008 (Uncle Bob in the background)  These two make me smile!!


  1. wow that is going to be one busy day! make sure you breath and take some time to enjoy!

    Merry Christmas you and your family!

  2. Now that is busy! I hope you still had a wonderful Christmas.