Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let swap my friends

So I have been trying to enter a swap and it is a lot more difficult than one would imagine! LOL SO! I have decided to be a bee keeper! Thanks to the urging of my friend Mrs. Pickles! (She is also jumping into this boat so hop on over and see her, too!)
I have not decided all of the rules because I would love for the swappers to have a say in it! I know I have said I would rather use our own stash, that way you get some of the other person in there, and it is one less package you have to mail out! But I am more than ready to play!! Let me know!! Jan is almost here and we HAVE to get this big ball rolling!! before the big ball drops!


  1. Hey stop getting me into trouble....LOL :P

    I am game for whatever you choose to do. The reason why i think I prefer the idea of using my own fabric to make the block is #1 i am cheap and in my mind all the mailing would be pricey and #2 i am cheap and buying extra fabric would be pricey....LOL However, I know neither option is going to break the

  2. I sent you an email i would like to join!

  3. I would like to join. Just let me know the details.

  4. Count me in, would love to join in and I am cool with whatever!!