Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals for the new year

Good morning! I have to start by saying you know I am not a morning person.
Liz and I at her wedding doing the shopping!!
I get up in the morning and HAVE to have my coffee. I watch kids so my work comes to me and the first two get here just before 7. I normally meet my friend while still in my bathrobe! (Liz and I have been friends for well as long as I can remember & I was in her wedding) I hurry my kids along the way normally I have to take the Brat to High School at 6:45 so I can be back for the other kids and then breakfast fix lunches dress yadda yadda for my other two and get them to two different schools and then back to my house for the bus to picl up Liz's little man who just started pre-school! And then it is 8:15 and just about ready for my other little one to get here for the day!! (however in about six months there will be two and not just one)
OK with all of that said... my favorite part of the day, is the morning. before anyone else has gotten out of bed and my house is still quiet and I can be on the computer and noone is talking or yelling or asking me for anything! This is my time! Why oh why does it have to come so early in the day! LOL I have never lived by myself and the closest I have gotten to that is when the kids are asleep and my Honeyman is on shift. Oh, he is currently off work because he hurt his back lifting a patient. So I have not had late nights alone for a while!!!
Did I mention goals?? OK I am going to keep it short and sweet
1) Finish a quilt to have for the guild show in (I think it is November)
      I am new to the quilt guild. but they have a big show every other year and each member is asked to submit something! It can be a wall hanging it can be a quilt. Your choice! You can also either have it judged or just have it participating! (please do not judge me)!! So my one and only goal is that! Simple enough!
alright so I guess I have like subgoals if you will!! I am hosting a bee and I want it to bee successful! I want to bee a great participant in the other bee I am in and I have three quilt alongs I want to keep up with!
My Honeyman offering Liz support!!
hehe there you have it! Happy New Year! let it be MUCH better than last year because I am not sure I can take another one like 2011! I just have to say I am glad it is done!!

I had not opened up Liz's wedding photo's in a while and I laughed as I went through them! This one was at the end of the night as we were cleaning up and the one that follows it Liz has picked my Honeyman up and he is making a not so very nice suggestive well You can only imagine!
Have a great day all!!


  1. Cute Pictures! Your special time of the morning is my favourite part too, cup of tea and quiet reading or puttzing. Happy New Year! 2012 is going to be good!

  2. Happy New year to you too!

    Good luck with your goals!

  3. Cute pictures and boy do you have a busy, busy day! It is always nice to be able to have some alone time even if it is early morning. Hope your husband gets better soon!

  4. Aw Josie, I'm tired just reading about your schedule! I'm hoping that 2012 goes so much better for you! I loved the pictures - and I'll be looking forward to seeing your pretty quilts this year!

  5. Good for you Josie! It's hard to enter a piece in a quilt show for the first time...I admire your courage. blessings, marlene