Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Not just one... but two!!


All caught up on one of my BOM's!! YAY! or BOOOO Now I have to wait till the 25th to get the January Pattern :( !!! Darn BOM's They suck you in hurry up and wait!! LOL
  November has to be my favorite so far!! It is from Stephanie Dunphy - Loft Creations If I had it to do again... wait for it... I would do flying geese for the sides instead of HST! I know that from me right!!  (Oh, looking at these pics... Ireally need to wash and/or replace my oroning board eww it's gross!! LOL)

OK December is from Pat Sloan - The Voice Of Quilting.Whos idea were those teeny tiny squares! LOL There was a LOT of pinning involved in these little buggers!! And I think there is a little flesh imbeded in the back!! HEHE!! OK now onto the next catch up! hhmmmm what fabric to use??? Thanks for following my rantings!!


  1. Great looking Block!! I love the colours!

  2. Glad you are caught up on your blocks, they look great and I like the colors!

  3. Oh Josie - your blocks look wonderful!! Love the colors you picked - and you go girl on staying caught up :)!!

  4. You made great decisions with the fabric for this BOM - really pretty - look great.

  5. Woo! Look at you go! You were a block making machine in January. Wow!