Monday, January 16, 2012

Getting caught up


So, I have all these little linky guys over on my side bar! No they are not just there because they are cute! I really am going to do them!! LOL Well I started with my Canton Village Quilt Works Blogger BOM I have gotten September and October done!! Yay me! I have the next one cut out and hope to get those done Tuesday!!

Each block is 8 1/2 inches unfinished (8 inch finished) so I did do two of each and plan to continue this! I am doing each one to coordinate with the other, not match! I am silly this way! LOL
           I did the silly flying geese (and we all know how I LOVE those... not) and there are all of these little triangles left over! So what do I do with these I asked myself! I could not find it in me to throw them away! That is a LOT of waste!! So I made tiny pinwheels!! Oh, and notice the teal and white material that I used on Mrs. Pickles Amish Diamond Block well I must have REALLY liked it becaues I had purchased most of my teal and brown material last October (or November) and as I was straightening my stash (and putting away my material that came from Connecting threads Saturday) I found another cut of it!! LOL I crack me up!!
OK enough for now! More Tuesday!! I think Sunday and Monday were very productive days! I got all of my material out of boxes and organized, I got all of these blocks done, and I wrote down what I have to finish (or catch up on!! I am getting there!
Blessed day!!


  1. Great blocks. I like how you made it an opposite twinsie

  2. Love the blocks and the teal and brown colors. You are one busy lady! I'd better get busy and try to match your energy level...

  3. Great looking blocks. I want to make a quilt in those colours so feel free to send them to me...LOL

  4. Love the aqua/brown fabric. Have you ever tried Thangles? They makes pinwheels a breeze. I lve them!

  5. So pretty! I have been wanting to do an aqua/chocolate quilt for years. I shall live vicariously through you! :)