Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Going cross eyed and procrastination...

So, I tell you I have been procrastinating just a little bit... ask me why, please, please! OK I'll tell you!! last week (Tuesday) Honeyman ordered me a new sewing machine!!! We ordered it form Amazon and it did not ship till TODAY!!! I am not happy about that! I contacted them on Sunday to find out why it was still listed as 'shiping soon' because it was from them , not an outside seller, and their stuff normally ships in 2-3 days! They had no explanation for it either!! Well it went out today and will be here tomorrow! Oh, what did I get you ask... I got a Brother XR 9000!! The price on there now is like $250, but last week it was $160!! Ya sales! So I have been itching to use it and UPS cannot come to my door fast enough on Wed!!!

I have been doing a little here and there! Remember Twisted Sister, well I finished up here sashing last night and am going to be putting them on today! OK everyone did you feel the earth shake... I made flying #?*!@!^ geese! yes, it is true! And I still have to say I am no good at them! They will pass for now and practice, practice, practice and all that jazz... of my soap box! Well you know what I do when I have all those little triangles left!! YUP!! a million bajillion 2 1/2 inch pinwheel blocks! Not sure what I am going to do with them (I used a few of them in the sashing for extra inches and have ten of them left over. Oh, why am I cross eyed, I was a very good girl and sat and picked out the stitches on the back of those darn pinwheels so they would lay flatter! and I must say, it really does make a difference, but white thread on white material even with the light from my Ottlight it was work! I did twenty pinwheels altogether! LAST NIGHT!!!!
So I do hope that my post Wed (or maybe I will wait till I have played with my machine and get on on Thursday) I will be ooh, la, laing all about my new toy! I love my Honeyman!!!
Happy Quilting!


  1. Congrats on the new machine. Very Exciting! Your pinwheels and sashing look amazing..good work

  2. Ha! It doesn't look like you're procrastinating. :P Congrats on the new machine... so exciting!!!