Sunday, January 8, 2012

January Bee Creative 2012

My bee is in full swing and Laura chose a ... challenge for the first block! We are doing a Union Jack. I have finished mine and will send it out on Monday! I have to go today to get teal for Mrs. Pickles block. I have blue, but nothing I like for her block! So off to the store I go today while Honeyman is watching Football (darn fooseball LOL)
Extreem close up!!!

Laura gave us freedom to use whatever colours we wanted! I think I am on an Easter/spring kick! I call mine Jack on Crack!
Siggy Block
Ready to go!!

I had a great time working on this block and challenging myself with paper pieceing! Thanks Laura for choosing something I would not have chosen myself! I think this makes for a successful swap! It is all about growing as a quilter!!
Have a blessed day,


  1. Great looking block! I see it and go ohhh that doesn't look too hard and then I look at the pattern in front of me and go.... eeeek I am going to have to watch a few videos on how to paper piece cause I want to have a fancy block too :)

  2. I am so sorry if I picked one that was too difficult but I just love this pattern. Jack on Crack!!! is fantastic. I love this square and can't wait to get it.

  3. Yours came out so nice, I'm about to tear out my hair doing mine.

  4. Beautiful block - love the spring colors - and you did awesome on the paper piecing :)!

  5. Great job! The block looks just spiffy. And such a neat idea to do the little siggie blocks as well! This looks like it will be a very fun bee.