Thursday, January 26, 2012

It came, it came!!

As I expected the UPS guy got here at 1:47! He is normally around this way about 2ish!! I met him at the door and he laughed at me!! I almost met him with a camera and then I thought he might not like that too much! I had my Blogger BOM all cut out at nine in the morning and it was all I could do not to work on it! But after my machine got here away I went!! LOL
Brother XR 9000
In the ahstructions (yes I mistyped that on purpose, do you hear the kid coming out in me) it says that it is not a toy! I disagree!! We all have 'toys' no matter what age we are! So for an adult this is like a kid getting a great Christmas present!! LOL
My other machine I named Jane and often swore 'Jane you ignorant...' well if you have ever seen SNL you know what I am talking about LOL!! I will have to see what I name my Brother!! Am I weird? I do those kinds of things!
Jan Block

Jan Block was designed by John Adams Quilt Dad. He was also in the QuiltUberFest I followed (and finished the top ya me!).I did make a minor alteration to his pattern. When he cut the corners off of the strippy part he had you measure in 3 inches and mark and then cut. Well I used the 30 degree measurement and that was 2 3/4 inches or so and I liked the accuracy of that a little better. I know my center is a little wider than the original pattern, but I like it! I also decided on a lot less fabrics than he chose. His had the triangles as the background and I figured this went better with my opposites theme! To each his own!! LOL I like it!
Oh, added bonus.... I have no kids on Friday so I get the whole day to play with my machine! Oh, the possibilities!!
Happy Days!!


  1. Congratulations on the great machine. I like your blocks and the colors. I would love to see what the complete top looks like.

  2. yay for the new machine he is beautiful. Love the blocks too!

  3. I love your new machine, she is very pretty!! I know what you mean about "grown up toys!!" I have several machines and each of them have been cursed at and loved, and I know I could not live without any of them! I have one machine I will not let anyone use except me, "Blondie" she is my baby.....she's ALL MINE! lol

  4. I give names to my machines also. I figure if they can name ships, we can name our sewing machines! (I don't recommend bonking it with a bottle of champagne when you officially name it, though).

    Congratulations on your new Brother! (And I got the "Jane you ignorant..." reference :D )

    You sew, girl!

  5. And you say I talk too fast - I'm huffing and puffing reading in all the excitement :)!! Congrats on your new baby - and for not accousting the UPS man LOL!! I've had to resist that temptation myself on occasion! I named my old machine "Gracie" but traded her in - I haven't names my new girl yet! We'll have to collaborate LOL! Hugs to you - and enjoy that time to play!!

  6. Sometimes I feel like the weird one for NOT naming my machine! :P I name my car, but for some reason, I've never named any of my sewing machines.

    And another gorgeous block! :)