Saturday, January 28, 2012

This and that on a Saturday morning

Had a great night last night with the gals from my Quilt Guild. I belong to the Mississippi Valley Quilt guild and we are 'divided' into groups, cliques if you will, and I am in the 'Next Generation Quilters'. I know part of it is because I am a newbie, but I think these gals think I am younger than what I am! I made a comment (about Jane you ignorant....) and NONE of them knew what I was talking about!! LOL
Anywhooo, we sat and stitched from about 6 till almost 11!! However my mouth moved faster than my fingers and I did not get my block stitched LOL! Oh well, it was great to get out of the house!
We had a new gal who had never sewn before and Stephanie is a great teacher! She had Alissa making a table runner and practicing on 5" squares and Alissa got the whole thing done and quilted last night! She was a natural and a very fast learner!! And she did a great job!!!!  So, of course my nose was in there and I just can't keep my mouth shut as I am a very hands on person as well and I do hope I didn't step on Stephanie's toes! I know I can be 'abasive' oops!! It is my type A personality shooting out of my mouth! But they all seem very patient with me! LOL
No pretty pictures today, I think I am going to stay home and ... I don't know! Lazy day here!! he he!
Have a great weekend all!!

OK alright one pic!! Honeyman and I went to Niagara July of 2010 so I could use my newly acquired Pass Port and for the first time EVER go out of the country!! Weather was Beautiful and I am just needing some warmth to get me through this cold snap!! It snowed again last night!! ggrrr is is spring yet???


  1. My mouth always gets me in trouble. I'm sure you didn't step on her toes. She probably appreciated the help.

  2. As long as you had fun and no one told you to shut up I think it was a good If they didn't get that SNL quote they must be really young since I am "youngish" and know the reference but then again I am

  3. I love ya girl - your spunk and your spirit - just as you are! And, I'm sure all those girls do, too! And, if not, well - they'll adjust :) :) :)!! Love the pix of you and Honeyman - that is too sweet! I want a passport - and I want a stamp in it too :(!! Hugs, Hugs!!

  4. Sounds to me like a very fun evening!

    I am so ready for spring, too! Oh, my gosh. What a great pic of the two of you. :)