Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Death in the family LOL (the story of my TV)

OK, so last month we had a death in the family!! Our old seven thousand pound TV that had a born on date (no really there was a date on the back of the TV) of Sept 1994, died. It was a huge frikin TV and had moved SEVERAL times with us. I'm not sure what size it was, but let me assure you it weighed as much as a small whale! My loving Honeyman (being a rather tight walleted man) did not want to buy a new one till this one croaked! Well it did, and for about two weeks we used a TV that my Daughters friend had given us. This TV was even worse because the jacks you plug things into were not right so in order to make them work you had to put a pencil between the plugs so they were at the right angle! So, I had a pencil sticking out of the front of my TV!! Nice right!! OK, So we did research, went to the store and bought our first ever flat screen TV!! YA!!
Well, you know I wanted it mounted on the wall... old house = plaster lath (or is it lath plaster) walls so finding a stud is nearly impossible... Honeymans cure for this.... drill LOTS of holes till you find a stud!!!And when you find out that there is only one stud smack dab in the middle of the wall... well make bigger holes to find out how close the next studs are!! Isn't this the way you would have done it!! Oh, god I love that man! But he has no patience with these things! LOL (hey don't make fun of my 70 year old wallpaper HE HE I do every day!!)
So the only option if I wanted this darn TV here was to build a fake 'stud'! So here is my Stud (in his robe) and yes my friends we drilled those bad boys into the window frames, because that is where the next stud was! They have GINORMOUS lag bolts in them and let me tell you they are not going anywhere! (Oh, my fault the TV is here, I like to be able to see out the window onto the street. call me a busy body, but I like to know what is going on!!) Oh, and putting these boards up (and the boards behind them had to make up for the 3/4 inches from the window frames) also covered the wholes my loving Honeyman made!! OK, that disaster averted, now we needed something to keep everything on. You see right below there... radiator! My solution, rip apart the coffee table we had (that was in bad shape, my parents bought in 1969, and way to big for the room we had it in) and custom fit something to go over the radiator! I still have to buy one of those cord cover things and we have to mount the sound bar. Oh, and I had to take the middle panel out of our 900 year old curtains, that disintegrated a little more every time you open them, so new curtains are in order as well!! LOL all in good time!!

During this move around I also ended up with a 'sewing room' of sorts, you see this room used to be two rooms, but the people before us took down a wall and made it one room that is 28 x 13 so I blocked off a door and this is what you got! This is a pic from my kitchen. yes now we have to use the pass through hall, but hey! I get my own little cranny for now!!  To the left is the cabinet that used to house my TV. Now bonus storage for me! I am looking for something to go in the middle of it where the TV used to be that has shelves, but I have not yet found something I like. To the right is my machine and the storage cube I use as a 'chair'! And of course this is where I hang my 'what in the world am I going to do to it next' items! LOL  I know my house is a cluttered mess, but it is me!! Love me or not! he he Oh, make sure you check me out in 5-8 business days! Wanna know what Honeyman bought for me... it's a surprise!!!


  1. Congrats on getting the new TV up! Looks like your hubby is a pretty good handyman. I like your new sewing space, looks like you can watch TV at the same time, right?

  2. At first your post title scared me...but it was just the tv that Glad to see you got your tv up and that you have a new sewing room

  3. Yeah - the TV died, and look how wonderful it all turned out! A new sewing nook for you and storage space too LOL! How fun! And, ya know that I so love ya girl!!

  4. An entertaining story - glad I stopped by!

  5. How wonderful to get your own bit of space! Yay!