Sunday, January 22, 2012

Have you met my dogs?

Cuddling together
I love my puppies! They are my constant companions! Even if my giant Mitzie kills vaccumes with her long hair and Archie hair will forever be imbedded in my flannel sheets!

Chillin at the camper
My pretty girl
Let me start with my Mitzie Moo!! I am big into getting your dog at the pound. I don't need a designer dog when there are all of these dogs out there who need a good home! When I went to the pound to look at dogs they had just brought in a littler of seven puppies. They were found in an alley and they STUNK!! But the people were very kind and let us spend time with them to see if there was one we wanted. 45-50 min lafter spending time with these little fur balls we desided on Mitz. She had the most personality and Honeyman wanted a female. In IL if you get a dog from the ound they have to be fixed and they are chipped. These pups had been chipped, but not fixed so we had to wait 48 hours before we could take her home. She was just a little furball with GIANT paws! Their best guess is that she is an Australian Shepherd with some kind of Malamute (that is a snow dog). And let me tell you if you have ever seen Star Wars and know the sceen from the new one where Yoda kinally opens up and kicks some royal tail and then goes back to using his cane.... That is my Moo!! She saunters around, doesn't move very fast, but you get her out in the snow (or mention food) and this dog BOUNDS!! She is just to darn funny!! She is not so into the summer, but she loves to go camping because it means a ride in the car! We got her in the summer of 2006 and I just love this big monster!

Take it off Mama!
One of these is not like the other!
Then there is my Archibald! Little dog with the big name!! He came to us in 2008! Honeyman used to work part time for friends of ours who owned Invisible Fence. While out one of the trainers took this poor little puppy from unlivable conditions. He barely weighted five pounds!! He was nothing but skin and bones. And we believe he was abused by a man because still to this day it takes him a long time to warm up to men. Well... he is now just about 12 pounds (vet says right where he should be)!! He is a Chihuahua/ Cocker Spaniel mix! I just love his sand little eyes! He burrows under the covers in our bed and leaves dog hair that no matter how often I wash our sheets it just does not come out! LOL (Oh, did I mention our flannel sheets are a wine colour!)
I love my dogs!!


  1. Oh your sweet babies are so cute. I wouldn't trade my three for anything. My two males came from rescue (one at 4 months old and the other was 2 years old).

  2. What sweeties! I am so glad you rescued them, I used to have dogs and sure miss them but it just doesn't work for us now.

  3. Oh Josie - what sweet dogs! Truly a girl's best friend. My McStudly is allergic to animals, so my kids missed out on getting to have pets - and it's so fun to see yours and how much you love them :)!!

  4. Your dogs are so cute! Especially the little one! My son, who is getting the little chihuahua at our house, will have three just about like yours (same sizes and types). He got his at the pound, too!