Wednesday, December 21, 2011

mild decorations!

OK so we did get a tree up, but tht is as far as the decorations went at my house! I love my Boy! He is the one who said Mom I really want a tree up! Well, I cannot say no to that kind hearted soul! So up went the tree! Darien kept getting distracted by It's a Wonderful life on the TV! I don't think I have ever made him sit down and watch the move! I love that guy, but WOW the questions about a movie he will come up with!! He is an over thinker for sure! And he doesn't wait til lthe end of a movie to talk about it he just kind of blurts it out when it comes to mind! I love that sweet kid!! Lillian on the other hand is a tasker! Granted all of her ornaments end up on the same branch and the boy moves them... she has a one track mind!! LOL They are oh, so different and yet two peas in a pod!!

Here is their masterpiece! I let them to the whole thing (save for the lights and star!)

When we first moved into our house (Dec 23, 2004) Mom found out we did not have a fireplace, so at the local Christmas fair she picked us up this stocking hanger! However I realized this year when i pulled it out that one of the pegs is missing so I will have to go on the hunt for a new peg! And the flicker flame bulb is out so that will have to be replaced as well! I also thought it needed more so I put a short string of lights down the garland that is on the pole! It just seems to add something to it!

Stockings... this is mine! My Grandmother made socks of all 30 of her grandchildren! (yes, my name is Joelle , sounds like Noel, but Josie is a nickname my aunt Judy gave me YEARS ago) My youngest cousin (Judy's son) has the same one as me! But my Brother and Sister have different ones! Mom decided that my kids needed Socks that were made by her, so her second to last Christmas she let the kids pick out the background material and used Santas that came from my Grandmothers stash! (my Grandmother has been gone since 82)

They are just way to cute! And Mom put a little goody bag at the bottom of each one! I love that they are the same and yet different!
Hope everyone is ready for the big day!! I am not yet done! That is not where I normally am this time of year, but I will pull it out yet!! I always do!!
If I don't see you before then, a Very Merry Christmas from our house to yours! May all your Christmas wishes come true!


  1. The tree is beautiful and I love your stockings too! Merry Christmas!

    your friend in stitches

  2. great looking tree! Those stockings are mighty cute and wonderful keepsakes

  3. What wonderful memories those stockings are! blessings, marlene

  4. Love those stockings! I have made stockings for all of my children, children-in-law, and grandchildren. It gets hard thinking of new designs, so using the same design with different fabrics is a great idea!