Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas tree Horror flashback!

Can we say Cheesy!!
This morning as I was driving Kaelynn to school I was listening to our local Dj's talk about Christmas tree horror stories! (I love these guys! Dwyer and Michaels aka two dorks) Anyhow I was reminded of our Christmas tree horror story and just wanted to share! First let me say for some reason this year the Christmas spirit is just not with me. I have not yet put up any decorations, nor have I yet to buy ANY gifts! I love my Honeyman, but he is a Scrooge and does NOT like Christmas adn this year he is at the station on Christmas and works his part time job on Christmas Eve from 7AM till 7:30PM, so no help to that front. To top it off Kaelynn (16) is not really into it either! So it is just My Lillian, Darien and myself.
Cookie time w/Granny Kim
My Kids and Nieces 2007 Festival of Lights
OK So I will stop with the poor poor pitiful me stuff and regail you... So my Father was being Mr. Scrooge one year and did not want to go get a tree! My Mother LOVED Christmas and said fine we will go without you! So My Mother, sister, brother, a family friend (who was all of 5 ft tall and maybe 100lbs), her daughter and myself set off to choose a tree! Our house was old and had 12 ft tall ceilings and there was a beautiful 12 ft bay window are that we always put the tree into! When we would go tree shopping my Mother (who was 6 ft tall) would reach to the top of the tree and if she could reach the top that was the right sized tree! We got our hot chocolate from the little store there, looked at pretties, and set off into the field to find our tree! Mom, as she usally did, marked a few with pink tissues, not like we ever really went back for those LOL but...It did not take long and we all agreed on a beauty!! My Mother got down on the ground (this was normally Dad's job) and began to hack away with the little saw they give you! It took a great amount of time to finally ground this beast of a tree! We flagged down the guy on the cart to take our tree back to the store and settle up! Well this is when we should have known we were going to have a problem! You know those bailers they put the tree through...well try as they might they could not get this tree through the bailer!! So up onto the top of the old Diplomat the tree went! It took four guys to help Mom and Sandy to get the big guy up there! (now I'm sure it went through my Mother's head that SOMEHOW we were going to have to get this tree into the house without the help of these guys! but we children were blissfully unaware)
Darien loves his Santa hat!
We got home and somehow and between all of us got the tree into the house without breaking anything or anyone! Now to the tree stand... you know they come in small and large, well we had a large and the trunk was still to big!!! So first things first we had to shave down the tree trunk to make it fit!! Problem solved, right?? Nope,  standing the tree up became another problem! Remember Mom was there with four kids (I think I was in second grade) so we would have been about 6, two 7yr olds, and a 12 yr old and this tiny Sandy!! Well Sandy got in the corner to pull while Mom pushed and Mom pushed Sandy's bottom right out one of the window!!! oops! They finally wrastled that tree up and it touched the ceiling!! Not just touched but the top bent! Mom decided that since they had taken so much time to get the darn thing into the stand that it was just best to cut off the top six inches or so! No topper that year! So base trimmed and in the stand, and the top taken off, but the tree was up, till they let go! LOL the tree stand would not support the weight of this GIANT BEAST that had taken over our house!! Well when you have gone this far to get a tree up and in there is no stopping now! Mom tried to put weights on the stand, but it still would not hold! So what is the next logical step... NAILS!! Yup! My Mother nailed that tree stand right down into the hard wood floor!! She was not going to be defeated by this tree!!
Our pitiful fake tree Chirstmas morning 2010
Christmas morning!
We decorated and cleaned up all before Dad got home! It was the most spectacular tree ever! (I only wish I had the pics here maybe some other day I will make it past the troll again and get some of those) Dad was none to happy about the window or the floor, but can I just say...he never let us go get a tree without him again!!

If you made if this far! Thank you! I know I ramble! But I come from a long line of story tellers and sometimes I just have to add in my two cents!!
I hope the holiday spirit has found you all and that you can spare some for me! Josie


  1. What a cute story! When we were kids my dad would go cut the tree and most of the time it was too tall so I know what you mean about cutting the top off of the tree....very common for us. The tree usually took up most of the living room.

  2. Such a wonderful memory! It made me giggle (through the window? really? oh, my gosh!). Thanks so much for sharing. :)