Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mrs. Pickles is getting me in beeeeeeeeg trouble!!

LOL So I went from thinking about joining a bee to beeing a bee keeper! (I told honeyman that this morning and he said the dog would eat the bee's hehe! he didn't get it...) Any way! So one of the bee's that she and I tried to join was not only full, it was  VERY OVER FULL!! Melissa has two full swaps and another 18 names! This has gotten me thinking and Mrs. Pickles is eggin me on! hehe!
Well, I am going to sit on it for  a few days and decide, but I tell you I am so leaning to a yes! Wouldn't that be a great way to dive in head first!! I have just always been that type of gal!! The only part I don't know if I like, most of them that I have looked at they send their own fabric and I think I like the idea of more scrappy and personalized to the people making them not the people getting them?? What do you think? I think if the person on the recieveing end lays out colours they like shouldn't that be good?? I think it puts a little more ecxitement in the swap! Please share with me if you all have done bee's and what has worked and what you did or did not like!!
My computer is on the fritz again so I have no photo's to share till it gets cleaned up! We got our tree up this past weekend and I know it is not much, but I guess it is better than no decorations at all!!
Happy and Merry to everyone out there in blogland!!

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