Monday, July 25, 2011

Where has the summer gone!!

Time to register the kids for school! Three different schools! I have just been so busy I have not had time to sit down and breathe let alone put together a square! And The next few weekends are still all busy and scheduled out! Not to mention Aug 8th I get a new baby (in daycare not me!)! Whew! It will be a busy time!
This past week was an...adventure!
My Lillian was in camp all week. Monday began well, but had a seizure at camp. This is her 4th one in as many weeks. We have added a new med on and are praying this will help keep them under control! She had a blast at camp, even though temps were up over 100!! This is her 6th year at this camp and they are so very wonderful with the kids! Every year they make a big production of presenting them with their camp shirts, and I have to say they are Lillian's prize possessions!! I just love to see all of the children there each year and how their faces just light up when they are each called out and praised for their individuality!!

We have also been working on potty training with one of my daycare kids!! She is doing great!! I told Mommy that she was ready and Mommy just looked at me like I had grown a third eye! I told her not to worry (and right now I only have one kid and if I am gonna get on it now is the time!)!! One week and I was informed only one accident over the weekend!! Yay Ella!!
         Well then there was my adventure to the ER!! No clue why! Heart palpitations and thought I was going to pass out!! Had a little high BP, and accelerated heart rate! But am glad to inform ya'll that my heart is where is should be, my lungs look great, and the kicker is, I do have a brain!! Yay!! had to laugh that every person there kept informing me that I was NOT pregnant (had a tubal 9 years ago, which was also the last time I had been in a hospital!!)!! I am a generally calm person and as I was trying to find a ride to the hospital and a place for Ella to be everyone I talked to seemed to be freaking out! I guess it is because they all know that I am not one to ask for help and if I am.... well there is something just not right! But all is well and I keep having to tell everyone that!! My Honeyman (who is a fireman and a paramedic) told me not to scare him like that again! The kicker is we think it was a reaction to vitamin B6!! A vitamin of all things! Who knew!!
    Saturday night my band played! It was the first time in a long time I have done three sets and I just have to say my chops where a screaming!! We have begun to schedule a lot more than just one saturday a month and there are a few months coming up that we have 4 one month!! AAHHHH! Don't get me wrong I love playing (If I have never said it before I play Sax, flute, piccolo, and sing in my band) but this is only for entertainment for me! It is not a full time thing!! I am hopeing this will slow back down, too!!
I do hope the summer is trating everyone well! And I do hope I can get a stitch in...soon!!!
Keep cool, relax, and have fun,


  1. Good for Lillian! And, I am glad you are okay. Funny, I remember reading something about B6 some time ago and for the life of me, can not remember what it was.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my Dear Jane blog. Yes, I have a running total of pieces on my sidebar.

  2. You have had quite the summer! I'm glad to hear Lillian is doing better. Since I am working on a t-shirt quilt right now it made me think you should keep those camp shirts and make one for her when she outgrows them. I'd love to see the new camper, but for some reason the photos don't show up for me. I grew up camping and we have camped our entire married life. We started with a tent and have gone from there. I would have loved a bunkhouse when all four kids were home, but it just wasn't in the budget. As for the posting on my blog...I'm just not sure that people understand what teachers deal with. It is hard for me to try to get a student to learn something when they are hungry, tired, full of head lice, worried about fighting parents, etc., etc. I started teaching in 1988, and my how things have changed!! Parents used to be so supportive, but now I have parents who don't want to hear anything, hold the child responsible, or do their part. Of course we always have good parents doing what they should do, but it's becoming a minority. And then there is the idea of basing things on tests when we know there are kids who are learning, but who don't do well on tests. And my pay should be dependent on this? It's complicated, but I just wish kids could be well fed, have some responsibilities and guidelines at home, be clean, and know that their parents support teachers. We'd all be better off!