Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vacation part 2....and camper update!! hehe

OK so I realized that in my blog I did forget the kicker of my trip...We got a phone call on Tuesday, my Honeymans Grandmother was in the won't be long now! Ok lets back up for a moment and qualify this! She has been on CHF for EIGHT years now! Had untreatable cancer for Three years and we have had more than our share of 'it won't be long now! Well my Father-in-law began his arguous trip hoime from Iraq, just in case. My husband told them to keep us informed. We had just gotten to TX from IL and we continued on with our vacation plans. We recieved the call Friday morning that she had passed earlier that morning. But Honeymans Father was still not home and would not get in till Sunday and with the holiday nothing would happen till Tuesday! So we continued once again with our trip and did make it home on Sunday. And my laundry, housework, stitching, and Yard work has not been touched since We got home it has been GO GO GO!! I REALLY NEED A VACATION!!! LOL
My Honeman did go out and trady our camper in on a new one!I would put pics on here, but every time I try I get an error in saving grrrr!! It is eight foot longer than our old one and we have been talking about it for About two years now! So...if you would like to look up pick it is a 2011 Keystone Sprinter COPPER CANYON 324FWBHS! We get to pick it up this Saturday! YAY!  Our old one will be missed, but we will love the new one even more!!
Happy Camper,

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