Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vacation part 2....and camper update!! hehe

OK so I realized that in my blog I did forget the kicker of my trip...Wegot a phone call on Tuesday that my Honeymans Grandmother was in the Hospital! Not going to be long this time... I have to qualify this with she has been in CHF for eight years, and had untreatable cancer for three years now. This is not our will not be soon now!! My father-in-law began the arguous task of trying to get home from Iraq, but we told them to keep us informed (we had just gotten To TX from IL). on Friday morning they called to inform us that she had passed at 3:00 A.M. My F-I-L was still traveling and would not be home till Sunday and with the holiday nothing was going to happen till Tuesday! We did continue with our vacation as planned. Three days later we were home. And I have not yet gotten my laundry done, not cleaned the house, it has been go go go go since the minute we got home!! LOL I REALLY NEED A VACATION!!! LOL
Living area
I cannot wa
My Honeyman did however find the time to go buy a new camper!! Trade ours in! And we will pick up the new one on Saturday!! It is 12 ft longer than the last one!! Much more room for the family! We will mis the first one, but we had been talking about an upgrade for a while! I cannot wait till this weekend to camp with my family in our new toy!!
And the big seller was the bunkhouse!! 
 Soon to be a happy camper,

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