Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Found all of my 'purple'!

So my Husband knew how upset I was over my seing machine! So... this past weekend we spent one day running around to different fabric stores and fabric hunting!! I had a blast!! I had only picked up about a dozen or so pieces that I wanted to begin with and he asked how I was gonna start. So I told him I have to have some kind of logical method!! I was going to do all of my 'purple' squares first. (he knows how wierd I am about doing things a certain way) I told him the other colours we were looking for and if one jumped out i was not going to turn my nose up at it, but for now the quest was purple!!
He was amazing!! I said my plan is to have 12 of each colour and 13 of purple (because of how I laid them out) He kept count on what we had and how many we needed and picked out several of them himself!! I love that man of mine!! After 4 (well 5 but one was a bust) We picked out all of my purple and most of my pinks, a few yellow, a few brown, and one of my greens!! I could not believe he was so helpful!! He turned his nose up at a few of them and really fell in love with some of the others! This is the guy who asks me if an outfit matches when we go out!! I cannot wait to get my machine and show him what these are gonna look like! He has not looked throught the book! He is more of a hands on kind of a guy!!
Wishing for a machine SOON!!!

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