Monday, January 5, 2015

Grand Illusion part 6

Grand Illusion
I had one busy quilty weekend!! I got me a quilt top together!! Honestly part of that is due to getting up at 1:15 in the morning and not being able to go back to sleep! What's a girl to do??? quilt I guess!!I love the block in this quilt...I'm just not so sure I like the sashing in between! I don't know! It has GREAT movement!

 I do wish I would have been able to get a good full picture of this, but in my house there is no space! And temps outside were single digits! (and blustery!!)

I must have been off just a little on my seam allowance because I did have to make my yellow strip 1/4 inch smaller than called for! Thank goodness I measured before I cut them!!

I'm also not sure if I would have done the outer border the same way she calls for...but that's just me! Now I have to work on getting the backing finished so I can quilt this gem up! It's NOT going to sit for a year!

I have not really made any New Year Resolutions per say... but I am going to try to be better about getting these tops finished! I mean I have my big beautiful machine (which I have chosen to call Helen! Silly me!!)  Now I do have to get to My Orange Crush and see if I can't stay caught up with that too!! Wish me luck!!
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  1. Your top is gorgeous! I really wasn't sure about it when the reveal came live but it is really growing on me and your fabrics make it really pop. Great job!

  2. Your quilt top looks great in the first photo! It defnitely shows more in the first photo. Your fabric choices are perfect! I haven't gotten mine finished yet even though all of the units are completed and I have almost all of the "blocks" done. I think you are going to really love your quilt when it is quilted and you can see it from a distance. Hope for warmer weather! Beautiful quilt!

  3. Wishing you and Helen many happy hours together this year. And your quilt top is outstanding. Happy finishing.

  4. It looks lovely! I too had trouble getting a pic of mine inside!

  5. I don't like the sashing either. It distracts from the blocks and is too busy. After I get my blocks sewn together I hope to play around a bit with the sashing.

  6. Your quilt looks very bright and happy!

  7. I have finished envy over here ! I'm PLANNING on getting mine together THIS WEEKEND !!

  8. Your quilt looks great! What a lovely finish.