Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Orange Crush Part 5

to RED

 So I started by auditioning oranges! Honestly, I was going to use the 'red' one!! But that was before I changed up the colours and laid it out! EEWW!! Then I pulled the only other oranges I had enough of! The flowery one was just to white and I thought it might blend into the quilt! Don't want that!! The bird cage surprised me with the aqua (that I am using for the centers) already in the fabric! Umm YES!! Plus, it MIGHT just create an opening for yellow binding! (maybe!!??)
Cut and ready to roll!
So, I cut and stitched and finished up my album blocks, half album blocks, and quarter album blocks! Have I ever said I am a NUT for on point quilts! I just think it changed the look SO much!!
I was all ready fro next week to put these blocks together (part 6) but then I realized that there was an optional pieced border!! Well we all know I could NOT pass that up!! So I'm going to split part 6 up into two weeks so I'm not overwhelmed! I mean, I KNOW what the end of Orange Crush looks like, but I'm not sure what Grand Illusion looks like and weather or not the next clue will be more challenging! It's not a race ... right!!
Come back and check it out! Getting SO close to a completed top here!!
And be sure to check out Bonnie's Blog for part 5 instructions!
See Y'all soon,

Half album blocks

Quarter Album blocks
Album blocks finished!!

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