Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Easy Street on the frame

On the beast!
I'm just on a roll right now! I have to admit it feels GREAT!! Can we all say I'm just a little Bonnie Hunter obsessed?? OK Yes at this current moment I'm working on Grand Illusion, Orange Crush, and I go throw Easy Street on my Long Arm! I know! Someone call the police! I'm a stalker!!

If you follow me you may remember I was having some issues with my machine! I sent the beast in and they fixed it, however my love for where I bought it is dwindling! You know I have not heard WHAT they did to fix it! Not a word!! At any rate.. It's fixed and purring like normal!!

Close up of quilting
I am going with a paisley repeat kind of deal! FMQ and making it up as I go along!! I'm just about half way done! I decided I should work on this while I wait for week three to begin! I like to have a few things going at once anyway!!

As I work on this I am reminded why I don't quilt for others... #1 I'm still learning!! My set up does not allow me to work on pantographs (because it is to close to the wall AND I don't have a laser) #2 Do you charge extra fro the dog hair you lovingly quilt into the quilt?? Try as I might there are short white from Little Dog and long black from Big Dog!! What can I say?? We re a dog family!!

OK I'm off to start my morning!! Wish me luck on my quilting!! See y'all soon!!


  1. Quilt Police ! LOL Your funny ! We all need mentors and Bonnie is a great one to many of us quilty gals in the whole world ! Love those colors and the Orange Crush is coming along nicely. Before long your going to have some very beautiful completed quilts.

  2. look at you go!!!
    envious of your longarm beast... dog hair and all:)