Sunday, December 14, 2014

BHMQAL Grand Illusion Part 3

Oh so close!!
Oh, my lord!! I'm so glad this past week is done!
 First the thread debacle for my Easy Street! What 's that you may ask... well I'm THIS close to being finished and I ran out of the thread I was using King Tut that had been given me when I purchased my Long arm. I have to say I am not really a fan of this thread! It says 'low lint' but I'm not seeing that!! I see a LOT of lint! But when you are this close to finishing you use the same thread to finish... right??? It is on order, but I will have to wait till it gets here to finish! I'm so sad!!

Double four patches

Then this step!! It was SUCH a simple step and yet for some reason I just could NOT get through it!!
 First, I sewed every last one of my black strips to a white strip!! That led to forty five minutes of unstitching!! I got them all properly stitched. THEN I did the worst thing EVER!!! I didn't listen to Bonnie's words!! I know better!! Thank goodness I was only stitching 20 units together at a time! I sewed the first batch correctly!! Then I sewed the next batch together with the black square in the WRONG corner!!! That ALSO led to about a half hour of unstitching!!
All is well now and all of my units are finished!! 

I also sat down the other day and did some quilty math! For these three quilts I'm currently working on (ES, OC, & GI) I need 405" of binding for ES, 370" for OC, and 364" for GI... that's 1139" for binding!!! Almost 95 FEET!! Maybe I will start on those while I'm waiting for the next clues and my thread!! LOL

I'm on to my next adventure for now! (well more Orange Crush) Wish me luck!!
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  1. I had my difficulties with this simple step, too and I'm glad I'm done!
    I love the variety of your fabrics, they make very interesting and scraphappy blocks, well done!

  2. I hate those times when nothing seems to go right! Glad that you pursued and got those two by fours done. Love the black and whites. And Easy Street looks wonderful love that pink.

  3. I did exactly the same thing! Spent a while un-sewing but it wasn't too bad. Yours are looking good.

  4. Love your pink Easy Street. Hope that thread turns up for you quickly.

    I sewed a few of the strip sets the wrong way, too. It's easy to do and you don't even notice till the end!