Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Orange Crush stuck on a border...

I was really hoping this would be a finish post! I got the top and first border all finished and then it happened... I think I sewed myself into a corner!! I'm stuck!! I don't want to finish it with the pieced border I do want the final POP!
I'm not sure if pink is really the way to go! I'm afraid black will make it to Halloween I do NOT want to try to find another orange that will coordinate with the one that is already in there! I did have to add yellow to the orange border because somehow I was short a strip! I REALLY want to use pink for the binding (the same pink I used on Easy Street!)

First border
Does anyone have a suggestion?? I'm pretty sure I will probably end up at the fabric store this weekend looking at black prints with just the right colours in them!
Oh and in the mean time I am crazy psyched about pantos! Helen is going to have some new toys for me to use!! She and I will have SUCH a great time!! I can't wait!!
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Have a great week friends!

ALMOST finished


  1. What about a turquoise? It would be bright not Halloween and pull in the turquoise you have in it...Visiting from Free Motion by the River.

  2. Snap - As with the commenter above me I was going to suggest turquoise. Love the quilt. I'm always drawn to orange as a fabric colour. Love the quilt.