Monday, June 2, 2014

EPP ...

Well summer has hit!! We have been spending oodles of time outside and I have not been able to sit down at my machine! (I do so miss her!!) OK That is only kind of true! I did get some obligations finished!
Corn hole bags
Corn Hole Boards

My BFF Becky has twin boys who graduated high school and she was making corn hole bag sets for them. It did my heart good to work with Becky on these and she LOVED being able to give them to her AMAZING young men! We worked on the boards and she painted them. I made the bags for her.

Little cuddles!

Another Girlfriend of mine is getting a new puppy and she wanted to take it a cuddly blanket while it waited to come to them (it was not old enough yet) she bought a blanket but it was WAY to big for her little pup (a wiener!) So she brought it to me and I cut it into FOUR little cuddlers! It did have minky and I kinda swore at it a bit!! LOL but they got done!!

My son has GROWN like a weed!! ALL of his pants are WAY to short for him! Well, sometimes I'm cheap thrifty! One of the pairs was a SOLID three inches to short, but to big in the waist... I have a SKINNY husband SO!! I cut them, seamed them, and distressed the hem and now Honeyman has a new pair of shorts!! His only complaint is that the pockets are to short (they were boys and I guess that is a difference!) Oh well! I said put less things in your pockets! LOL

Perfect little containers!
I have decided to work on EPP so I have hand work while we travel and have begun to cut and work! I tend to be a LITTLE stressed when we pull our camper and hand work keeps me distracted and yet I can still talk! We have a six hour drive father's day weekend! I need more papers and wouldn't you know it the place I order from is MOVING and I have a deadline to get them here!! I had to order from somewhere else! Oh, well! They will be here in plenty of time!
 I have one just about finished (it has one more hexi to attach!

Let the adventure begin!!
See you soon friends!


  1. moving threw a wrench in my epp travel plans too, but don't worry, it will be fine in the end. Your hexie diamond looks great, that paw fabric is too cute!

  2. Very nice looking diamond there. I totally relate to the whole "EPP helps me not freak out in the car" thing. So thankful for hand work.

  3. Beautiful fabrics in your hexagon diamond!

  4. Your diamond is swoon worthy with that lovely green!

  5. I like your fabrics too. Hope you get your paper pieces soon!

  6. Summer outside fun and some sewing too - sounds like the perfect summer to me :)! Love your hexie EPP - and bet your friends love you for all the help :)!! Hope your Father's Day trip is a blast - and that the Honeyman takes it easy driving so you can relax and stitch :)!!

  7. I love a good EPP project for the car. That's about the only time I can count on more than 10 minutes of sewing time!

  8. Depending on the size, fiskers make hexagon punches. Cgeck out your local craft store or Joanns. Take a sample with you. I use any thick crad stock paper. Especially junk mail and the magazine subscription inserts. The punches come in many sizes.