Friday, April 15, 2011

So I'm a cheater!!

OK I decided that a twin wa not ok for a baby gift...and well I have another friend who will be having a girl in July... the face was big enough to make 2...
Aint I just a stinker!!

I do have to go grab a new fabric for the green border, the more I looked at the one I had on hand the more I did not like it!! So I think I will do a green border and a pink border and maybe ggrab enough of the green to do the outdine binding in green, too!! I am hopeing to get out of my house today so I can have something to keep my hands busy for the weekend!! (We will not mention I have not been out of my house in a week and a half!!) So maybe Sunday I will have 2 quilts ready to quilt!! yay lets hope so!!
Looking forward to a keeping busy weekend (because it is gonna be COLD here this weekend),

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