Thursday, November 17, 2011

The crazy dress

So remember the post about my friend Beffy and her dress... well she posted pics today (yes I know it is far from Halloween, but giver her a break she a busy gal)
 She was a little ummm well unsure about the gals being so, well, out there!!  But she was going to a local bar (from our small town) and over 90% of the people in the bar were friends of hers! I did feel bad that this was all of her breasts I could cover, but if you recall she cut the material prior to me coming in on the project and she did not want to purchase more material as it was 'just for a costume'! Well she and her husband were a REAL hit!! I just love her and her husband they are great people who would do anything for you and I could not say no when she asked for help!!!
The 'Liesure Suit Larry' beside her is her husband Jason and to say that he was wowed by her costume is to put it lightly! I went to high school with all but one of these folks. Oh and not Jason either. He is normally a quiet guy so the fact that he would be this crazy... well Beffy has influenced her Jason like I influence my Honeyman!!
OK maybe today I can get something done...but the housework unfortunately has to come first!! gggrrrrr! hehe
Lots of luck getting projects done today,


  1. Looks like everyone is having a fun time! Are you in there???

  2. Awesome! It looks like she had a great time wearing her costume. She and her husband make quite a pair! Did they stop by Studio 54 on the way home? :)