Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh the metalic woes!!

So this week after finishing up my squares a friend called me in need! Well of course i was there for her (her husband asked if she only called me when she needed something! LOL) She was makeing a dress for a halloween costume... Let me just say I am not a seamstress, but she did not even know how to read a pattern! Sure between the two blondes we could figure this thing out! HAHAHAHAHA ROTFLMAO!!! Well let me begin my saying that she is not a perfect size anything and very close to my size. Bigg in the chest area and we are doing a 'ho' dress!! It is this gold metalic and my machine does NOT like it!! Oh, the best if we started it on her machine and It really made me appreciate mine!! All I have left is to get the skirt attatched to the top...and then try somehow to conceal her bust! (you see she cut it a weee bit to small) well there might end up being some creative draping happening in that area!! LOL I have sworn i will never work with this material again! That goodness I love my Beffy!! We go WAYYYY back!!
Wish me luck on this! I am hopeing to get it done this afternoon!! And get that material O U T of my house! LOL We have both had some great giggles over this and she says it is just a halloween costume! As long as it makes it through one night and does not fall apart (and let me tell you I have reinforced MANY seams to ensure it will not) anything that I get done will be ten times better than what she would have done! I love that girl and thanked her for the ego boost!!
Wish me luck!!
Crazier than ever,
Jo Crazy Mama!!


  1. Sounds like you guys had fun, maybe you can share a picture of this "high" fashion. Good Luck with the completion!

    Your friend in stitches

  2. LOL! I totally sympathize with the whole fitting thing... that is always a crazy adventure! "Creative draping..." I like it! Sounds like you two did a great job supporting each other through the costume trauma. :P