Friday, October 7, 2011

What's in a name!

So some posts make me laugh! I think that is why I am so into reading everyones blogs (even if I am not always on top of writing my own!) So when I read As Sweet as Cinnamon's post on why did you name your blog I had to respond!
Well we all have an 'insanity defense' right! I have MANY friends who wonder how in the world I do what I do and keep sane! Between my day care, my kids, my Honeyman, my dogs, my sister (a.k.a. the troll guarding the bridge), my baby brother... where do I find time for myself! And then I decide to go and pick up something like quilting! To top it off I decide on a project like a Dear Jane! What in the world was I thinking! Well short and sweet I am just plain nutz!! All of these things add up to my insanity defense! When I finally go crazy and run down the street in nothing but my slippers there will be no question as to why I did it! LOL it is just a matter of when it will happen! Some days I think that there are betting pools as to when the mighty Mama Jo will hit the nut house!
All in all I am really probably one of the most well balanced people around! I love to party, but I love to sit home and have quite time with my family and friends! I think that I balance these things quite nicely! But in case you read about me on the front page of your newspaper you will all know why!
All the zen in the world,
Josie McRazie


  1. Yes I think there is a fine line between sanity and the other side of the divide. I think love is what keeps us sane.