Monday, October 24, 2011

QuiltUber Fest Block 16

YAY MEEE!!! all 16 are done! Now the dilema.... there was a bonus 17th block! How in the world can they do that to me! You know I cannot leave it unfinished! I am not really a pillow gal, so not sure, do I duplicate certain blocks to have enough for a 20 block quilt! Oh, the possibilities! The rich part is, I think that block 17 is the most 'flippable' to do in the four corners! I am still here looking at the pattern and deciding what I want to do with it! Maybe I wil lay all of them out on my floor and see what jumps out at me! But I really do think that I am going to end up making four of this last one! If I was a little more sure of myself maybe I would come up with a few patterns of my own, but ummmm let me think about that, no! Anywhoooo without further adoooo I give you 'Nesting'
Block 16 'Nesting'
Darn Blogger and its photo flip!! oh well! You get the jist! Well, I am off to figure out if I am in for another four blocks or what!! This has been a hoot!! (even those darn flying geese)
Happy stitches!!
JoCrazy(er everyday) Mama

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