Monday, October 24, 2011

QuiltUber Fest Block 12 & 14

Got two more done over the weekend! (between some light yard work and a bonfire!) I do feel somewhat accomplished! 14 done and only two more left to go!! Cut one last night but I miss cut and got mad and stopped! Will fix it today!
Block 14 Thoroughly Modern Monkey Wrench

Block 12 Autumn Sun
Had me a tough time with the Monkey Wrench! Did not realize that the straight block was half an inch bigger when cut to the instructions and did not trim it down! After 'unquilting' it I trimmed it down and it went together much nicer! Untill I put one of the corners in upside down and once again found myself 'unquilting'! Darn me!! hehe I do love the result and the flaws in it have to stay! Not going to rip it apart any more ! LOL
As for Autun sun, cut my pieces and realized that my bats were flying sideways! So I turned the block! hehe! Thank goodness the Kitty Cats are non-directional!
Hey! I am off to stitch up some more!


  1. I love the fabric, its awesome. Great job on the monkey wrench, it looks fantastic! Way to go girl!!!

    your friend in stitches