Friday, October 14, 2011

Grrr Camera woes!!

So I am so bumbed! I went to post my blocks and my camera was out of batteries! (and if ya'll don't know throughout the week I am kind of a shut in) I looked through all of the kids toys and do you kow I do not have a single toy that takes AA batteries! I have about two dozen AAA batteries! That does me no good! So I am hoping that on Saturday when Honeyman has a day off he can run to Walgreens and pick me up some Camera batteries! I have FOUR blocks done and am just itching to get them on here!!!
My Dad came to visit Thursday, he normally does as he plays/teaches bridge and goes to grief group so he is in town that day, anyway, he kind of teared up. I showed him all of my blocks from the Quilt-Uber-Fest and showed him what materials were Mom's. He said your Mother would be so proud of you! That kind of got me a little, too! I just love the fact that this is the first piece that I am using stuff from her 'stash'! Well, ya'll... I hope to get at least one more block done so maybe i will hit you with five blocks! But I do have to make bread yet today and as it is Friday laundry needs done before the weekend! hhhmmmm sewing or laundry!! LOL
I added a picture that was in now way related to this post, why... because I am nuts that way!!
No really this will be my weekend! I have a b-day party/luncheon on Sunday and I have been intructed that if I do not show up with some of my bread I will be hung up as the pinata!! So!! Have to make bread for us and then will be up early Sunday to make bread for @ 150 people!! BAKE, BAKE, KNEAD, BAKE!! LOL
And I'm off!!

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